Pretend reimagines visual storytelling.

A new way for filmmakers to create stories from script to screen.

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Pretend — from screenwriting to rough cuts, all in one app.

Pretend is a new software for filmmakers that mixes screenwriting and video editing with an emphasis on story.

Pretend combines a screenplay editor with video editing and other story visualization tools. As you write the screenplay, Pretend automatically uses the story to organize the whole project while you make story arcs, collect reference material, and create video timelines for boards and rough cuts.

Write a Screenplay

Auto-formats as you type or load your existing script.

Create Story Arcs

Visualize plot arcs for scenes, show and characters.

Moodboards & Lookbooks

Organize images, files and links by scenes and shots.

Line Your Shots

Plan shots directly in the screenplay, echoed throughout your project.

Put Together Storyboards

Add boards to shots with audio and captions,

Edit a Rough Cut

Full nested video editing, FX, animation and titling tools.

Pretend, start your story today.

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Want to learn more about Pretend?

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